Pepper Harvest

“Who are you?”

“Why is your blog called Pepper?”

“Why should I read it?”

I had no clue how I was going to introduce this blog. Nobody knew about it in advance so I have so much to explain – but I thought it would be best to start with these three questions:

My name is Cheyenne Darko. I’m 19 years old, a Christian and I study Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick. My favourite colour is mustard yellow and I love to sing, run and write – I’m getting into photography at the moment too. 

If you already guessed this you deserve brownie points: my name rhymes with cayenne, so Pepper is a nickname that you can only understand in context. (No it’s not an alter-ego, but I have to admit it would be pretty cool if it was.) 

And I don’t have much of a reason why you should read it. Why shouldn’t you read it? I mean there’s only two things you can do on a Friday night: read my blogs or re-watch Gossip girl from scratch for the 5th time. (Okay, so I know a Gossip Girl Marathon sounds better but think about how good your resumé will look when you write “I’m a big fan of informative blogs like Pepper“, am I right?) 

But apart from that, why am I sharing my thoughts with the internet? I could just write it all in a journal right?

Well, it’s bold of you to assume I don’t already have a journal. Have you ever just written something and wanted to tell it to the rest of the world so badly? I want to scream 80% of what I write from the mountain tops. But I’m afraid of heights so this was the next best thing.

Hop into my brain and feel the fire as I talk about the world around me without getting too political (or at least I’ll try, hehe.)

– Pepper


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