Modest x Sustainable Alicante Haul

So, hot girl summer is officially over. It didn’t end with a bang for me, but it did end with an 8-day trip to Alicante in Spain. I stayed in the Valencian Community and used the time to do a photography project (check out my Instagram in the sidebar, or if you’re on the mobile site, at the bottom of this post for the content) and a prolonged shopping spree in preparation for my favourite season of the year (if you haven’t caught on, I’m talking about Autumn.)

I’m not wearing makeup in these haul pictures because I shot these in my Airbnb in the morning and simply because I didn’t need to – I want to be transparent with you guys and wearing makeup just to take a few photos is not me being that.

“If I’m going to expose my mind, I shouldn’t be afraid to expose my face too. I don’t want Pepper to be an ethereal being who lives far away from the human experience.”

So, uh, yeah. Enjoy my face, I guess?

Please just be aware that I actually have a camera remote and tripod so no mystery person is taking photos of me in my room (you can breathe now mom), I didn’t hit the charity shops because there weren’t many (the ones nearby were so D E A D) and that the prices below are actually in euros. I’m going to show you three different outfits that I bought and why I love them so much:


High neck from Zara (19.95) – yes, they are a Spanish brand and have started making collections out of upcycled polyester from old collections and recycled plastic which has me super hyped

Skirt from another random store (19.99) – I didn’t buy this with sustainable fashion in mind really, but I knew that I would keep it for a long time because of the quality material and seams that match up. It definitely was warmly welcomed into my family of modest skirts though

Belt from Bershka (12.99) – DO I EVEN NEED TO EXPLAIN THIS PURCHASE?

Bag from Sara Fashion (15.00) – It’s such a gorgeous bag and made of quality materials and I’m a fool for tartan

Glasses (3.99) – I’m not sure what the store was called but I’m so in love with them and bought loads of earrings there too

Headband from a random stall at the market near the port (15.00) – it was so pretty and the lady selling it was so sweet


Lace high neck from Zara (17.95 on sale) – cute as heck

3/4 length sleeve high neck from Zara (9.95) – cute on its own but I needed it under the lace top – hopefully you’ll see me wearing it one day and see how cute and simple it is

Headband from the same lady at the Port’s market (7.00) – I knew there was no chance I’d see something like this again: it’s yellow, has cute frilly lace on it and did I mention that it’s yellow?

I’m sorry but you cannot deny that this is a whole look.


Dress from Zara (19.95) – dude, it was on sale and I love soft colours like pearl pink

In all fairness, I can understand why you might not care much for this outfit. I’m really into editorial fashion and editorial photography at the moment and I know it doesn’t really appeal to the everyday person.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s blog – it’s definitely something different to my usual content (and 10 miles outside of my comfort zone) but I genuinely had a lot of fun making this blog. I loved pretending to be a model in a tiny apartment, I loved writing to you lovely people about my pursuit of modest and sustainable fashion and most importantly, I loved my holiday.

Stay in the loop for another Alicante blog in the weeks to come on my experience of the Valencian Community (with effort not to get too political, hehe.)


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