In the clothes haul, I made a cute statement about how I wanted to be transparent with you guys and that came with it’s challenges. So this week’s blog won’t be political, but it will be deeper than usual.

One of the things I struggled with was settling into my degree – 2nd year was just a lot of reading and a lot of stuff that I simply didn’t understand. Then my house was burgled.

Yeah. That happened.

Despite my laptoplessness, I carried on against the tides of coursework and managed to catch up on the two weeks I missed. But then life decided to happy slap me once more by giving me a course mix-up that resulted in me having to change half of my modules, leaving me 5 weeks behind on half of my degree.

Why do I tell you this? Do I want your sympathy? Maybe a symphony orchestra following me around playing sad pieces whilst a rain cloud sits over my head? Not really, but I do want to express that it is okay to be straight up not having a good time.

I feel like before I got here, I felt like university was a whole new world. I even bought a notepad that described it as a “3 year long party” (thanks Poundland for the aesthetics). Now I’m realising that I still have 99 problems and the rent, the pretentious readings and lack of sleep makes up a great deal of them.

It’s really important that we aren’t selling the dream to incoming freshers and that we tell it as it is. Don’t get me wrong, university can be the best place ever at times. I mean, where else are you able to go to Tesco at 3AM to buy chicken nuggets? Just make sure you are preparing them for the hurdles that you tripped over.


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