On the Plus Side

I’m starting off the new year with a bang.

or a kick.

or a jump.

(Some form of exercise at least.)

I’m going to Clubhouse Xtra, an event running from the 2nd-4th January set up by Christians in Sport to equip sportspersons to share their faith with their team members and honour God with their sport.

One thing that’s probably held me back from engaging in University sports is my weight.

Sometimes, I get a bit anxious about being around insanely toned people. However, this isn’t a rant about why big girls can do sports – we already know that they can. I want to contribute to that conversation from the Christian perspective. But what does being a Christian have to do with thinking that plus-sized people have a place in sport?


The first thing is that what people think doesn’t mean squat anymore if God enters the equation. From our perspective, everything we do is for God.

Whilst it would be a great ego-boost to get a medal, I’m happy knowing I tried my best with whatever skills God has given me. Medals, sponsors and all that jazz would be great, but my primary goal is to put a smile on God’s face – if He’s proud of me, I’m automatically first place.

God also wants to teach us self-discipline. That doesn’t necessarily mean He wants all plus-sized people to be skinny. It means that He wants us to make better choices to live a healthy and happy life. God is concerned with every area of a person’s life – including our health. He wants us to give up our bodies as a living sacrifice to Him, essentially meaning that He wants us to take care of ourselves for Him and use our lives to do His work. For me, self-discipline is something you can take into anything you do beyond sports – I have a long way to go with it, but I’m happy to be learning.

Ultimately, God wants to send His people into track meets, into the swim lanes, on the other side of the net, between the two goal posts – He wants Christians in Sport because He wants all of mankind to know how much He loves them, and that includes sportspeople. But being a Christian shows me the importance of Christians like myself actually plucking up the confidence to join the clubs. God wants me to include myself amongst the athletes, because God wants plus-sized sportspersons who can relate to the experiences of other plus-sized sports persons and show compassion.

God wants me, to tell you that He loves you.


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