Moving On

So, a lot of us are disheartened, afraid, annoyed… you name it. But one thing I want to say (something I find hard to say) is that we should respect the result of the General Election.

Yes, the Tories won. Yes, it’s going to affect a lot of the stuff we care about. For me, I’m afraid of the further impact austerity will have on homelessness – the shelters are often oversubscribed already so I fear that greatly. Whilst there’s a lot of argument about whether or not the NHS is for sale, I’m more concerned about further restricting access to healthcare in general. I fear for my family, and such fears are valid.

But they still won. Democracy is a flawed thing but it’s the fairest regime that could exist in a flawed world like ours. We voted, we didn’t get what we wanted, and we submit under the authority of a government we didn’t choose. The vote isn’t only expressing who does the job best: the vote is also expressing consent to be ruled by the victor. We knew the risks and we participated. Am I encouraging you to become apathetic and stop voting? By no means! You should always make your voice known where you can – but in this case, your voice wasn’t reflective of everyone else.

That said, I don’t hate Tory voters. I don’t agree with a lot of stuff they say and BoJo’s comments about single mothers, blue collar employees, black people and Grenfell victims make me sick. But who am I to deny them an opinion? Regardless of what they put out there, each party wants what’s best for the country – where they differ is their ideology and consequent manifesto. So, am I going to insult Tory voters? Nope. Will I retweet and laugh at General Election and NHS memes? Of course, they’re hilarious.

I encourage those who are devastated at the result to do what they were voting Corbyn in to do: defend those who can’t defend themselves, serve others where the state won’t – give everything you can to making the next 5 years better for those who are heavily impacted. Be for the many, not the few.


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