A Structural Update

Heading into the new year, I feel that I’d like to take Pepper in a new direction. I would like to structure my blogging so that you have an idea of the sort of content I’ll be producing each week. This way, it’s tailored to your tastes and you can look into the areas that interest you most. Hopefully, it’ll also give me a good idea of the topics you enjoy and the ones you don’t want to hear about.

So here’s the new structure:

As there are 4-5 Saturdays in a calendar month, I plan to split my blogging into 4 different sectors. Whilst it will remain political, I’ll have some posts on my personal life and on topics I care about outside of politics (I mean, I do care about stuff outside of politics because I’m a person. After all, my first post was about sociolinguistics and you guys really liked it.)

I’ll be splitting my blog into the following sectors: The Political, The Extra-Political (other topics that tie in with politics), The Personal (I’m trying to be transparent so you don’t think I’m this writer that’s disconnected from reality, so I’ll be writing updates about my faith, my fitness, updates on my life etc.) Green Queen Diaries (for sustainable fashion – other sustainability blogs will sit in The Political or The Extra-Political.)

I think I’m most excited for Green Queen Diaries because as you know I am obsessed with sustainable fashion and I just feel like I’d really like to venture into that – Pepper will still remain political so I’m going to do my best to keep the blog true to its roots. But my vision for Green Queen Diaries is for it to read as some sort of episodic blog book that explores sustainable fashion in our world (what it offers, where it’s offered and how we can get into it).

I’m also hoping to start interviewing people for my blog this year. Hopefully other bloggers, writers, performers, leaders etc. This year, I want to make Pepper go beyond my own mind. The closest I got to that last year was my review of An Evening with Verse Writer, which you can read here: https://pepperpressdotblog.wordpress.com/2019/10/04/writer-meets-verse-writer/

This year, we’re really going in with the content, but I’m also hoping to change up the designs and other aspects of the site at some point.


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