Sporty Spice Sustainability?

I love sustainability.

I love fashion.

I also love sports – namely, triathlon.

(*Side note* you can actually follow my training journey here:

But for a long time there’s been something I hate:


“Ah yes, Activewear. The very bane of my existence. One minute I’m happy as Larry with the new leggings I’ve bought for *enter extortionate value here* and the next a new set of running leggings with mesh pockets come out and I’m broke. But the worst thing is that it’s the source of my guilt. I almost feel as if I can wear sustainable garments until it gets to being a sweaty Betty and I’m back to my old ways. But near the end of last year, I started to reject new activewear and made the switch to preloved things in my sport.”

Where did I search? Absolutely everywhere mate. I found a lilac fleece for £2 from Cancer Research UK (Victoria Secret Pink Collection) and took my search online to stores like Depop and eBay. As I usually find with second hand, they were super affordable.

I know that some of you aren’t into the faff of treasure hunting in charity shops and online so I have one last brand up my sleeve. A friend of mine actually also recommended to me TALA®. Who are they you may ask?

Well, in their own words, they are a brand that creates “funky fresh sustainable wears for people who cares”. They actually make their clothing from plastic bottles and items that don’t make it out of the factory. They’re a growing brand and definitely something that us sustainable fashionistas want to be a part of.

You have your new year’s resolutions, I have mine. But if you’re reading Green Queen Diaries, I’m assuming that one of them is to have a more sustainable wardrobe, and the other is of course the infamous gym commitment that the majority of the adult world has agreed to. Why not kill two birds with one stone and buy sustainable activewear?


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