Upcycling Week

This week, I tried to upcycle clothes instead of going thrifting for the pieces I wanted. I’ve just spent a week making clothes from old pieces I wanted to throw out, charity shop items and the works. Trust me, ya girl had a lot of clothes to work with. But I got out my trusty needles, thread and scissors and got to work. I’m sharing this with the intention of showing you how easy upcycling is! Well enough rambling from me – time to show you what’s up with my upcycling;)

This was probably the most bomb fit of them all – I heavily mess with the fit and have already worn it out because it’s just so bomb. Did I mention that it’s bomb?
I’m obsessed with crop cardigans, like OBSESSED. And whilst I won’t lie I struggled to cut it cleanly and straight, it was so much fun to make. I kept the rest of the material; I’m hoping to use it to make something. Maybe a hairband? Have enough to make a bandeau, but they just aren’t my vibe:(
So I had a rodeo with this bad boi. It was definitely a fit from grandma’s closet and I decided to pimp it up – I unstitched and cut the top part of the dress and made a blazer style crop top. The skirt was tricky because I originally had it as a headwrap, but then I liked the idea of a wrap skirt. Still grandma-esque prints, but 90’s vibes with some chunky sandals.
Because I was mourning the loss of my floral headwrap, I decided to crop a jumper and use the material to make a matching headwrap. I always win some way or the other, what can I say?

If you already follow me on Instagram and have seen all of the looks, let me know which one was your favourite. And start making your own new clothes! Hope this has got the cogs turning:)


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