Do We Really Want the End of Capitalism?

I’ve seen memes, teens and movie screens (I watched Parasite recently) all portraying the same message. People seem to be so over social class and capitalism. But are people truly done with capitalism?

“We could all do better, but we want to save our money to buy more stuff.”

I found it quite interesting seeing how this growing distaste for capitalism is accompanied by a growth in consumerism. Because we’re all screaming into the void about how we hate exploitation of the working class but are more than happy to fund the exploitation of workers around the globe that already sit underneath the poverty line in order to save a bit of money. We’re faced with this dilemma because we then have to decide if our pleasure is worth their pain. It’s oh so wrong but if feels so right, right?

Even with Parasite, whilst the message is to portray the toxicity of social class as a concept, the characters still chase after it. In fact, after all the turmoil that unfolds in the film (trying so hard not to give spoilers) the son still dreams of making loads of money and buying the house for the family. Even when they seem so over their obsession with the upper class, they aren’t – their motivations to climb the ladder has just been reshaped.

“Overall, I think we’re a little too obsessed with success to be through with it.”

But our idea of what it means to be successful is, well… tainted. We’ve chased after a success that uses other people as a ladder to get there. And giving up on that feels like having to settle. But could I challenge you to redefine success? Because what is a feature in Forbes if the people who got you there can’t even afford to read it?

This isn’t a call to the end of capitalism. Because capitalism in my opinion isn’t inherently bad or good. In fact, the problem lies in obsession with profit at the expense of and commodification of everything else. But it is a challenge to those who want to abolish it. Are you actually ready as an individual to live life in that way?


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