Pepper goes Plant-Based?

Sorry it’s a day late this week guys, it’s been really hard to balance the blog and coursework during quarantine because of my laptop situation. But whether it’s late or finished 5 minutes before the promised time, the blog must go on. This is the first sustainable post I’ve made since I started the blog where I’m not talking about my outfit of the day, but I’m as excited as ever to write it and share it with you.

During quarantine I went vegan. *Flinches whilst awaiting audience’s response*

Oh you’re still here? And nobody’s bottled me yet? Ah, okay good. Well, let’s get into it:

So I have been thinking about going vegan for about over a year now. I’ve tried veganuary, been reducing my meat intake slowly, discovered avocado on toast (serious character development there). Basically, the only thing standing in the way of pursuing a more environmentally-friendly diet and me was me (and cheese, of course. P.S: I miss you babe.)

But I took the leap of faith and self-control some weeks ago and started researching vegan recipes to start making at home. One thing I can say I’m shocked about is the variety of different foods I’m trying for the first time and finding are really nice. Usually, I would see these items in the supermarket and walk past them towards the frozen food aisle. But going vegan has made me more adventurous and more willing to get up and try something new. I haven’t really had to brush up my culinary skills either – just pop up a BBC good food recipe and you’re golden.

I didn’t get the best reception from my family at first. As you’d imagine, mockery had to have a seat at the dinner table too, and I couldn’t take a spoonful without my sister heaving at the fact that I was eating mushrooms (jokes on her because mushrooms and coconut cream pasta is amazing.) But slowly, they started to come around. My mom started asking questions about how I get my protein and about the calories in the products I use and stopped thinking I’d lost my mind. Did any of them join me in my madness? No, but it was nice to eventually get the support.

I also have found that many of my cravings have disappeared. Like, I still see and smell really nice sweet treats and dairy foods around me. Being vegan doesn’t automatically make them not smell nice or look good. But it’s like I don’t have the burning desire to eat a carbonara and the plate anymore. I just carry on with what I’m eating and have a piece of fruit to satisfy my sweet tooth.

All of that is pretty cool, but why did I do it?

Many reasons. I think the biggest one was that my eating habits were bad and I couldn’t shake them. I remember watching a movie about a guy overcoming a heroine addiction and finding God (It’s called Victor and its on Netflix) and whilst my situation is nowhere near as bad, my overemotional self was wrapped in some blankets, bawling tears because I genuinely felt like I could relate. I’d become so attached to food and was just juicing gratification out of it whenever I wanted. I can’t describe it, but when something grips you so tight that you’re literally shaking, sweating or acting in an erratic way because you can’t have it. Like, I would just eat on impulse and it was killing me inside. It was draining my personality, my self-confidence and everything. I forgot that my joy comes from the Lord. Like, that’s where I go to get my satisfaction. It’s the only thing that won’t kill me.

Seriously, if you are reading and you feel you might be addicted to something, take this as a sign: please do look into it and get help. Heck, even reach out to me if you think I can help.

I think the film was a turning point for me because it showed me that I am meant to be so much more than this. So much more than an overweight 20 year old with confidence issues. God made me to be so much more and do so much more than cry about my insecurities at night. I don’t think being a vegan for me is as much about weight loss, or being the perfect person because frankly such person doesn’t exist – it’s just about regaining self-control. Control over how I eat and control over how I see myself. This new way of eating is me rising above impulses that want to steal my joy. But of course, it’s good for the planet that God made too;)


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