The Quarantine Thrifting Scene

Apologies for the lateness, I have been moving my things back into my house after 4 months of lockdown with my family. But over that time, I really did reflect on how my life has changed or been affected by COVID-19. I mean, other than the fact that I can’t see my friends, not much has changed in my personal hobbies. I still run, I still read books and watch anime, I actually sew clothes even more now, I still do my bible studies and pray. But one thing I couldn’t do was thrift (and if you know anything about me or have ever read this blog, you know I love to thrift). So, I’m going to talk about how I managed to transform what should’ve been a dreary and dystopian pandemic into a thrifting fantasy.

“They say charity begins at home.”

I got a lot of cool things from piles of clothes that my family didn’t want anymore, so I urge you to ask your family if there’s anything that doesn’t fit them or if they have lost interest in any of their clothes. You can start reworking them or even just wear them as they are! My favourite piece was from raiding my dad’s wardrobe. I came across this navy suit from Charlie Brown that just hit differently. It was oversized, quite retro and very much me.

“One man’s internet trash is another man’s internet treasure.”

I usually love a good in person thrifting sesh but I copped some of the coolest things on eBay and Depop during lockdown. I came across some Burberry glasses that I did pay a shamefully high price for, but were actually really good quality and went well with my aesthetic. I also managed to pick up the exact pair of mom jeans I owned a year ago but in a lower size. I started to experiment too and started getting more white in my wardrobe and started accessorising more with chains that I found too. I think my favourite find has been a vintage leather jacket that I got in order to copy my sister who bought one a few months ago. My obsession with oversized mens blazers may have got a bit out of hand but I managed to re-create the majority of the looks on my Pinterest board.

I would post the pictures of the outfits but you’ve probably already seen them if you read the blog through Instagram, so I’m going to challenge you instead to start trying to make lockdown a positive experience for yourself during this lockdown. After all, we’ll never get the opportunity to be away from out responsibilities like this again.


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