The Lion King

I remember going with my family to watch the live action adaptation of the Lion King. It was great (neglecting the fact that they got rid of He Lives In You, which will forever slap), but it made me realise that my degree has essentially ruined this beautiful Disney classic; all I could see was […]



Some weeks ago, I went to Alicante but I didn’t get into the intricate details of my trip. Today, I’m going to talk about my experience of Alicante, but not the activities. As I’ve said before in An Archive of Political Photography, everything I see brings out the political in me, so I’m getting into […]


Miss Darko to Mrs. Doubtfire

After a long summer at work, isolated from my family and friends, I’m coming back dressing totally different. I’m going for slow, modest, grandma-esque fashion. I should probably start off by explaining what slow fashion is and why it’s a good alternative: Slow fashion is the movement away from mass-produced clothing (fast fashion). It’s often […]