Deadstock Creations

So I made this outfit: It took me 24 hours in total (6 hours over the course of 4 days) and I had no fancy equipment – just needles, threads and scissors. Honestly, it was that easy to make. But obviously, I can’t just leave it there. I’m going to talk about why making clothes […]


EZRA x Pepper

So, the past week has been super fun. I’ve been working with EZRA, a sustainable sleepwear brand to give some tips for building an ethical wardrobe, and busting myths about ethical shopping. I could talk all day but I’m actually just super excited to show you what we’ve been doing (click on the cute lil’ […]


The Lion King

I remember going with my family to watch the live action adaptation of the Lion King. It was great (neglecting the fact that they got rid of He Lives In You, which will forever slap), but it made me realise that my degree has essentially ruined this beautiful Disney classic; all I could see was […]