Why should I read Pepper?

The goal is to invite jesus into current Stories.

I don’t have much of a reason why you should read it. Why shouldn’t you read it? I mean, by going where the church dares not to go, this blog tackles a lot of issues that are sources of religious trauma for many. Pepper takes gender, sexuality, race, environment, the body, partisan politics, psychology and sociolinguistics through the lens of one of the world’s most read (but also most controversial) books.

And let’s be real, there’s only two things to do with your spare time: re-watch Gossip Girl from scratch for the 5th time or read this blog.

(Okay, so I know a Gossip Girl marathon sounds better but think about how good it sounds to say you read for leisure.)

But who knows? What you come across might transform your perspective on a topic, and further down the line, your life. A common question I get is:

Aren’t you placing Jesus in hot water by forcing Him to stand up against today’s issues?

Well, I believe that the word of God can stand for itself and speak into issues of today because of its claim in the book of Ecclestiastes that there isn’t anything new under the sun, but also, I believe that there have been times where Christians haven’t allowed it to speak for itself, attaching agendas that have caused a lot of confusion amongst congregations, chaos at the very core of our society, and later contempt towards the word from both believers and unbelievers alike. This blog exists to give God’s word a platform on news stories.


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