“God is Evil”?

In my introductory post, I told you all that I’m a Christian. And when I said Christian, I don’t mean “oh, I was christened as a child”, or “I go to church”. Yes, I was raised in church but I didn’t believe any of it for a very long time. I mean that I (by my own will) have chosen to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

“What on earth does that mean?”

It does not mean I have right-wing (or even left-wing) views. But it means that I follow Christ as an example of how to live and everything I do is fuelled and instructed by the Holy Spirit (of course, I do mess up though – that’s me) My mind is in a constant process of sculpting by the God of the universe. Whatever God says verbally, in the bible, or drops in my heart, goes. I am being made more and more like Jesus (but I’m far from that right now and won’t achieve it in this life). For two years now, that’s what my life has been. Obviously, it’s super controversial to be a Christian in 2019 and some of you might stop reading at this point, but it’s who I am and who I’ll eternally be.

Right, so for those of you who are still reading, let’s get down to business. One thing I’ve heard a lot since I came into the faith is that “God is evil.” I mean, before I became a Christian, I thought that if a God were to exist, I thought He would hate me because I wasn’t good. But by no means would I think that He was evil.

Whenever people say He’s evil, they talk about all the things that are wrong with the world.

And that, my friends, is where the cookie crumbles. Famine is not a result of God – famine is a result of the world food supply being unequally distributed, so that we in the west can overstock shelves in Tesco (or Walmart for our friends across the pond). Misogyny, sexism, and sexual assault is not a result of God – they are all the lovechildren of human pride. And pride sits within all of us. A man doesn’t look down on a woman because Eve ate the fruit as some odd-bods would suggest. A man looks down on a woman because the human in him is hungry for power and status – the human in him hungers to be higher than all. Everything that’s wrong with the world can be brought back to us. Even Christians, because trust me – we get it wrong too. But you knew that when you came across the likes of Trump, eh?

I mean, I’ve shown you why humans suck (you probably already knew that we suck, especially if you’re a political realist). But why does God not suck?

Because Jesus.

Everyone who thinks God is evil thinks Jesus is good. They think He was a “good teacher with good morals”. They loved how He challenged His disciples to gouge out their eyes instead of lust after women. They love how He wasn’t afraid to be seen with the outcasts.

What if I told you, that Jesus is God?

The loveable, meme-worthy Jesus that all of history appreciates regardless of religion or belief is God.

The very nature of God is not that He is just this distant figure in the sky and that Jesus is His cool Son that came down for a holiday. No, God is not one entity but a nature – the nature of the Father, the Son and The Holy Spirit to be exact. The Father looks at you the same way that Jesus does because they are both God (in nature and status). God the Father would hang out with you the same way that Jesus hung out with prostitutes. Because that’s what God would do – the Father has the exact same character as Jesus because they share the character of God. No, they aren’t one guy in three places at once or three different Gods. No, when you meet Jesus, you don’t meet 1/3 of God either. This isn’t Migos.

They are all God because all three have always existed. They’ve always existed in fellowship (deep eternal friendship), created the universe in fellowship and will continue to exist in fellowship with each other. You have probably heard people saying “God is love.” And that’s what it truly means. Their friendship couldn’t be broken by anything because they collectively made everything, so nothing would be worth more than what they’ve already eternally had.

“If God is good, why doesn’t He intervene when all this bad shizzle is going down?”

Well, if you walked past to a guy who had a cut on his hand and offered him a bandage, you’d expect him to say yes. Why the heck wouldn’t he want a bandage, especially when he hasn’t got anything to stop the bleeding himself? But imagine this guy starts yelling at you, telling you to go as far away from him as possible. He doesn’t know you, but he says he hates you and the very concept of you. He doesn’t want your help, he doesn’t need your help, and he doesn’t want you to have anything over him: that’s what we do to God.

God is not going to force Himself onto a generation of people with their middle fingers up at Him. But He will love you from a distance – that’ll be Him allowing you to live another day – because there’s no letter of approval on your life in the google docs of the universe. You waking up this morning was the will of a Creator.

“So the answer to all things wrong in the world is that all humans should become good?”

Nope. It’s in our nature to be selfish, and prideful and all things in between. I don’t believe that our world will ever be perfect. No amount of good deeds on our part will fix that. But I’ll put it in the hands of a Father who’s been here before famine and misogyny, and trust that He knows what to do. And He’ll tell me how I can help the world through the Holy Spirit (who is also God) and do what I cannot do.


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