Trafficking Hub

We need to talk about PornHub.

I mean, if I leave it there this is pretty awkward. Why the hell am I discussing PornHub on a Christian blog? I’m not necessarily talking about PornHub itself, but more the exploitative practices of porn production. I’m discussing this because trafficking, rape, sexual abuse and physical abuse is being uploaded to this site and the MindGeek, the owners of PornHub are not regulating the content or dealing with this.

I recently started getting involved with Exodus Cry, a faith based organisation that is fighting to crack down on the sexual exploitation in sex work and trying to free people from modern day slavery. If you too would like to get involved, the link is here ( ) and they have so many resources that you can look at to educate yourself and take action. For any of you interested, there is also a section which can help you to pray into the situation if you’d like to.

However, pray at your own discretion, knowing that God may send you out to be the answer to your own prayer, and in that case, prayer alone won’t suffice.

Whilst some are calling for PornHub to be regulated or have content gatekeepers, I strongly believe that this site and other pornographic sites like these should be shut down, and not just because of my Christian sexual ethics. PornHub has popular genres labelled “Teen”, “Rape”, “Incest” and other terrible tags that hundreds of thousands of people are watching and even worse, enjoying. Even when the content is consensual and fake, they are still encouraging paedophilia, sexual abuse and many other illegal sexual activities that just make my skin crawl. And many people are getting a kick out of that content. Fake or not, why should sites like that not only exist but be a societal norm? Are we as a society truly okay with having millions of people walking around who have sick sexual fantasies about children, abusing others and abusing power? Are we really going to be silent about the fact that there are people capitalising off of other people’s sick sexual fantasies? Is it not concerning that PornHub claim to regulate the site content but allow so much of this sort of content to be uploaded? We clearly cannot trust PornHub to regulate the content to the correct standard, so it should be done away with completely.

Regardless of your sexual ethics, if you think that what is happening with the site is okay, you need to seek serious help and recognise that sexual fantasies such as those are not acceptable to apply in real life. That being said, I also understand that pornographic content is designed to rewire the brain so that you get hooked on such content and it frames your perception of what your sexual reality should be like, so again but this time in a less judgemental tone, SEEK HELP. Also, if you are a person who has been or is being affected by sexual exploitation or being exploited by the pornographic industry, please do seek help and reach out for support. I’ve left some resources below and I hope that they are helpful to you. I’m also available if you need to feel valid; I’m only a message away.

-Pepper (a UK based charity that supports male and female survivors of rape and sexual abuse of all ages. We offer a national helpline and a counselling team based in Sussex, England.) (a service that supports non-abusing parents and carers of children who have been sexually abused.) (a confidential freephone helpline for people who are struggling with sexual thoughts and behaviours towards children, or are concerned about someone else’s behaviour.)

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