“Sky Daddy” and Other False Perceptions of God

I find that a lot of people who want to ridicule me for believing in God will start by degrading His title. Oh, isn’t it cute that I have a Sky Daddy? Well, I don’t think that God can really be understood in that sense at all. Yes, He’s a Father figure in the sense that Christians are adopted into His family, but I sense that people who say this to me are referring to God as some sort of genie that grants our wishes and gives us some sort of psychological blanket to face reality. And they couldn’t be more wrong.

So I said I’d talk about Sky Daddy God and other falsehoods about God – let’s get into that. Say it with me:

God does not exist to serve us.

The issue with the Sky Daddy God is that it assumes that God falls at the feet of His followers and will meet their every need so that they will continue to worship Him. But it’s very much the other way round. Christians are actually the ones who end up at God’s beck and call, serving Him and meeting His wishes. It’s not one sided service, because we want what He wants and because He does so much more for us than we could ever do collectively for Him. However, we don’t follow Him in the hopes that we’ll get something flashy or nice every now and then: we follow Him because we love Him, and we love Him because He first loved us. When Christians pray, we do ask for some things, but we also understand that God owes us absolutely nothing and that some of the things we want may not be what we need, or what is good for us, so we don’t get mad when God doesn’t send things we prayed for to our doorstep via next day delivery. The life of a Christian is challenging and to people who only think about the physical, it makes no sense. It makes no sense to follow God if it doesn’t improve our quality of life here, right? And for that, I understand why people think we must have some sort of loyalty card from Him. But we just want to not need things. Our needs are met because we’re slowly not needing things anymore. Our faith leads us to a point where we don’t even need life itself and to me, that’s powerful.

Some see it on the other end of the spectrum and see God as an angry power-tripped Sky Dad. Also, not true. God is angry, but rightfully so – throughout history our actions have affected His creation negatively. We’re essentially looking at a piece of art He made and running through the canvas with scissors. However, the significance of Jesus dying on the cross is that His anger was satisfied in that moment for those who believe because the punishment for sin (death), was paid by God in human form dying. However, it doesn’t just give us a get out of jail free card, but from the point of believing in what Jesus did, we allow God to work in us to change us and make us better. It also gives us the hope of life after this life because Jesus rising up paved a way for that. Don’t get it twisted y’all, we don’t just follow Him to avoid His anger. By following God, we go on this journey to actually free ourselves from natural desires. Until the day we die, we’re actually working on removing all of the things that we want here because we know that they won’t last. Our goal is to see the face of God and be with Him eternally with as many people as possible; we have no other goal.

Some see Him as an emotionally-absent Father figure that we can’t really connect with. But to that I have to ask, do you really want God to be available to you? Like do you really? Because when you accept God in any sense, you must wholly accept Him. So, if you just want His advice, be prepared to give up your life for Him too. Like I said, it’s not one-sided service, and that applies to God too. If you’re not willing to reciprocate that availability to God, don’t expect Him to talk to you at 3AM. God will never force Himself upon someone who isn’t ready to accept Him completely. He hates that you’re hurting yes, but it hurts Him that you only want Him when you hurt. You must understand that God shares His heart and deep passions with us, but He also shares such things with Himself and has done always before we came into the picture. When I say He, I’m referring to three entities (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) that adopt one same nature that we call God. All three adopt the exact same nature so all three make one God expressed in three entities. But because they are always together, encountering one entity doesn’t mean that you are encountering a third of God.

Overall though, the Sky Daddy perception of God belongs in no other place than the trash because people start to warp their understanding of God to be like their own fathers or father figures seen in society, which is harmfully inaccurate because God is called holy for a reason. Holy means that He is set apart and like no other. We need to stop projecting our understandings of fatherhood onto Him and just let Him tell us who He is Himself. How does He do this? Through the bible, through Jesus who literally said that we should watch Him to know what God is like and through talking to us (if you’ll let Him, that is).


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